Church Farms

October Fest

Come visit us at the Beef Barn October Fest - October 9th! In addition to our Beef and Bundle Specials, we will have local vendors join us, including:

And more! Please make plans to join us this Saturday. Please check our Facebook Page for updates!


About Church Farm Beef

Welcome to Church Farm Beef! We have been a family-owned farm since 1953. Through the years we have transitioned from a working dairy farm to our present state as a beef cattle farm. We take pride in raising animals that are of high quality, well cared for, and taste great on your table. All of our beef is born and raised here on the farm where we raise Angus and Angus-Hereford cross cattle. We provide our cattle only the best of nutrition to ensure that our meat will be tender and flavorful. We also work with our local veterinarian to keep our animals happy and healthy.
We have been selling custom beef shares (¼, ½, and whole calves) to our neighbors and friends for over 20 years. While we still offer this (as it is a great value for your money), we are excited to finally be able to offer individual cuts of beef at our new Beef Barn! Our business sits on 125 acres in the small community of Cross Bridges, Tennessee approximately 8 miles west of Columbia, Tennessee.

Available Beef Cuts:

Ground Beef

1lb packages

4 oz. Hamburger Patties

4 patties per package

8 oz. Hamburger Steaks

Chuck, Shoulder, Sirloin Tip, Round, or Rump Roast

Minute / Cube Steak

Sirloin Tips

Ribeye Steak

¾“ thick

T-Bone Steak

¾“ thick

Sirloin Steak

¾“ thick

Porter House Steak

¾“ thick

Short Ribs

Beef Brisket

Beef for Kabobs

Stew Meat

Beef Fajita Meat


Soup Bone

New York Strip



Contact us for more information.


Larry Church
4077 Rippey Lake Road
Mt.Pleasant, TN 38474

You can also contact us by phone 931-698-5802 or email